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We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new ecourse where we will teach you how to make this delightful Pure Fine Silver Petal and Pod Keepsake Set in Silver Clay.

This new ecourse, compliments our existing range of Online Courses, during which we will demonstrate how to work with regular formula Art Clay Silver to make this delightful set of keepsake Jewelery, perfect to symbolise much-loved family members, who are all like Peas in a Pod!

This ecourse is broken down into manageable chapters for easy viewing and play-back and covers:
  • Working with regular formular Art Clay Silver to create your Jewellery Set
  • Silver Clay Sculpting techniques to create the Peas in a Pod Pendant
  • Shaping, texturising and creating your Flattie Rose Petal and Bud.
  • Filling, joining and Sanding
  • Firing, Polishing and applying a Patina

This is an upgrade to our Fingerprint Jewellery ecourse and Artwork Jewellery ecourse and the techniques demonstrated, during this advanced tution, will help to take your Metal Clay Jewellery skills to the next level and allow you to progress to creating a wider range of designs and styles for your customers. 

If you are new to Metal Clay Jewellery Making and working with Silver Clay you will need to buy our Metal Clay (Fingerprint Jewellery) Starter Kit to begn making the type of Jewellery shown in this ecourse.

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